The only ice cream eaten by using fork and knife

We are inspired by the nature itself…

For most of us, MADO just refers to the abbreviation of the famous Turkish K. Maras Ice Cream.

Indeed, this perception is not groundless. For more than 15 years, MADO has been identified with the famous K. Maras Ice Cream of Anatolia in Turkey. From a wider perspective, today MADO is the flagship of a strong industrial structure comprising many companies and brand names under Yasar Ice Cream and Food Products Company. Today, MADO is an ice-cream brand name that is well-known across the globe. It is also a giant franchise chain which continues to grow aggressively.

While establishing a new ice cream culture by reaching Turkish customers through it’s cafes, MADO is rapidly advancing towards being a global brand name in authentic industrial production of ice cream and other product varieties